As Your Submissive


My favourite things as a submissive:

  • Spanking and bastinado: I am something of a masochist and love to be put over your knee and spanked for my wanton ways. Harder impact scenes involving crops, paddles, floggers, and canes are available - even when I stop enjoying the pain, I take it well, and can be beaten until I cry.  If you’ve never hit someone before, I’m happy to show you how.

  • Facefucking and open mouth gags: you know what’s fun? Having my mouth held open by a gag so I can’t stop you facefucking me. That’s what fun.

  • Sensory deprivation: blindfolded, headphones playing white noise, not knowing if you’re going to spank me or grope me or fuck me: pure submission.

  • Petplay: I am a pupper I do the doggo things! I do the barks I do the sniffs I do the licks...I take it doggy style. I have adorable woofer ears and a very fluffy tail plug to wear for you. Being a puppy is my fave but being a kitty and a pony is fun as well!

  • Daddy Dom/little girl roleplay: "Daddy, what is it? Do I have to put it in my mouth? But I'm so little..."

  • Simulated non-consent: it can be exhilarating to fight back and beg for it to stop - and for it to keep going. This service is available selectively and with a safeword.

This is only a sampling. Other fun things include hot wax, breast bondage and nipple torture, collars and leads, forced orgasm and overstimulation play (I have a very sensitive clit and a magic wand pressed to it is bound to make me beg for relief), scratching, biting, face many options. I love being an obedient slut, perfect pet, or glassy eyed doll. How do you want me, Sir?

I enjoy breathplay and am often happy to be choked, but this is a high risk activity and I will want to talk to you beforehand to make sure you are aware of the risks and how to reduce them.

I really enjoy words like slut, whore, toy, meat, object, etc...I don’t like being called worthless, stupid, ugly, fat, or similar. Please respect my boundaries so we can all have a wonderful time.

I would like to reiterate that all services are at my discretion. I am in a very vulnerable position as a submissive and will refuse activities if I do not feel safe. Poor hygiene or dubious safety may cause our date to be terminated early.


Marks & Bruises

I'm very proud of my ability to take a beating, and am somewhat obsessed with chronicling the results. I only take on a limited number of these types of appointment, and they are subject to a surcharge.