As Your Mistress


My favourite things as a Domme:

  • Corporal punishment: if you want to be beaten and beaten hard, I am your girl. Cane, paddle, crop, strap, I love them all.

  • Shibari: I know about rope and can build a sensual, intimate scene around it. I am still relatively early in my shibari studies, but not so early that I can’t use it to play with.

  • Blood and scalpel play: performed to the highest standards of hygiene.

  • Strap on play: whether it's a sensual blowjob or a firm fucking, I love to strap it on.

  • Wax: beautiful AND painful? Just my type of thing. I use specialised wax play candles for safety and aesthetic.

  • Foot worship: I love having my feet licked and my toes sucked. Extra fun if you’re tied up and can’t get away.

This is only a sampling. Other fun things include CBT, tie and tease, you choking on my strap on, nipple torture, spitting, face slapping, breathplay, forced and ruined orgasms, martial arts beatdowns, sensory deprivation, pussy/ass/body worship...there are a great many options. I can be a sensual, intimate Domme using the most delicate touches to send you to ecstasy, or completely dehumanise and objectify you for my pleasure.

I find orgasm control and denial an excellent way to get into submissives’ heads. Chastity and longer term control of your sexuality are available, price to be negotiated depending on timeframe.

I don’t really advertise Findom because in my experience it’s full of timewasters, but it is something I enjoy. I don’t tend to do “give me your money and that’s it” - I’d rather extract it from you piecemeal using fun (for me) games.

By default I do not fuck submissives. If you want full sex integrated into a Domme scene, let me know so I can plan accordingly.


Session Shots

Pictures of subs, mid-session. All images are taken and posted with permission. I would love to add to this section so please let me know if you are happy to be photographed.