Playing with couples is always a privilege. Allow me to introduce the both of you to the pleasures of group sex. Three's a crowd - but what a marvelous crowd it is!

I have been lucky enough to play with many couples in my sexual adventures, of many different genders and power dynamics. Whatever your kink dynamic, there are bound to be excellent ways for us to play. Let's discuss your fantasy.

Single Women, Nonbinary people, &c

As a queer woman I have been in loving, intimate relationships with people of a variety of gender identities. All of my services are available to anyone of any gender identity or genital configuration - I have plenty of experience bringing pleasure to those who do not own penises, and particularly adore performing cunnilingus.

If you are a woman who is seeking an encounter with another woman, a trans person seeking to connect with their sexuality, or simply anyone who desires a curvy, affectionate playmate, please do contact me. I am aware of issues surrounding dysphoria and trauma and am more than willing to work with you so that you can have the experience you truly desire.