The Professional Submissive



Spanking and impact play: I am something of a masochist and love to be put over your knee and spanked for my wanton ways. Harder impact scenes involving crops, paddles, floggers, and canes are available - even when I stop enjoying the pain, I take it well, and can be beaten until I cry.  If you’ve never hit someone before, I’m happy to show you how.

Facefucking and open mouth gags: hang my head off the side of the bed and use my throat as a Fleshlight. Hold me down by my hair and use my mouth for your pleasure. Ratchet my jaw open with a Jennings gag and facefuck me until my eyes are watering and I can taste the bile at the back of my mouth. If you want, I can even throw up for you.

Taboo roleplay: whether that's Daddy Dom/little girl ("Daddy, what is it? Do I have to put it in my mouth?"), pet play (good puppies beg for bones!), or simulated non-consent (I'll fight back even if I know I'm going to lose) - the range of roles I can take on is vast and beautiful.

Orgasm control and denial: I am a good candidate for orgasm control because I need my own fingers on my clit to come. Your fingers or a vibrator will make me twitch, squirm, and beg; but not tip me over the edge. Not until you order me to.

Sensory deprivation: blindfolded, headphones playing white noise, not knowing if you’re going to spank me or grope me or fuck me...pure submission.

Toys: I come fully equipped with restraints, collars, leads, canes, paddles, crops, hot wax...etc. If I don't own it, I'm likely happy to buy it.

If your particular interest is not listed, please do ask - I love variety and am always thrilled to have my sexual horizons expanded.

And if you'd like to take the dynamic out of the bedroom, I am more than happy to pour you a drink and be your footstool while you consume it. Or perhaps we could subtly integrate the dynamic into dinner, our fellow diners unaware that I must ask permission for every sip of wine.

Limits: all the limits listed on my "girlfriend" page, alongside impact or pain to my genitals. Although I enjoy breathplay and am often happy to be choked, this is only available after a discussion to establish that it is being performed safely. And though I love being called slut, whore, toy, meat, object, etc, please don't refer to me as worthless, stupid, ugly, fat, or similar. If in doubt, just ask.

All services are at my discretion. I will not hesitate to refuse an activity or end an appointment early in the event of poor hygiene or dubious safety.


Marks & Bruises

I'm very proud of my ability to take a beating, and am somewhat obsessed with chronicling the results. I only take on a limited number of these types of appointment, and they are subject to a surcharge.