The Girlfriend Experience



Deepthroat: I have been repeatedly informed that this is an especial talent. I love giving blowjobs, and I use my throat just as much as my mouth. I gag, deepthroat, swallow (in my mouth or deep in my throat), receive facials, and get facefucked, all with gleeful abandon. The only limit is my gag reflex, and even that can be overcome; if you've always fantasised about facefucking a girl until she throws up, you are in the right place.

Kissing: kissing, cuddling, massages, and simply being close and sensual is deeply pleasurable. I love the feeling of bodies pressed together and running my fingertips over warm, sensitive skin. It doesn't have to be all sex all the time - sometimes sensual touch is just as thrilling.

Strap on and anal play: it's fun to have a silicone cock. I love receiving strap on blowjobs, and have been privileged to introduce several individuals to the pleasures of anal penetration. If you're not ready for a full fucking yet, maybe a finger or two is more your speed - I have often been complimented on my skillful fingers, and watching your face contort in pleasure as I massage your most sensitive internal bits is absolutely blissful.

Splits: yoga and weights have made me flexible and strong. I can do positions beyond most people's capability. If you'd like to fuck me in the splits, I am more than happy to facilitate.

Toys: I own an embarrassing number of toys, including all manner of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, blindfolds...etc. If I don't own it, I'm likely happy to buy it.

If your particular interest is not listed, please do ask - I love variety and am always thrilled to have my sexual horizons expanded.

Of course, girlfriends do more than fuck. If you're seeking a more in depth experience, there's plenty we can get up to together - from dinner and drinks to a board game, I'm a charming conversationalist and make great company. Just ask.

Limits: urine in any form, scat in any form, vaginal penetration without a condom (I'm happy to give oral sex without a condom). Anal insertions on me I am very cautious about, but smaller insertions - a finger or a small plug - may be possible with prior discussion and if I'm having a good day. I very occasionally give rimming but only if there has recently been significant showering and shaving involved.

All services are at my discretion. I will not hesitate to refuse an activity or end an appointment early in the event of poor hygiene or dubious safety.