About & General Services


I’m Joanne, an independent escort from the UK. On dates I am affectionate and tactile, and in bed I am vocal and responsive. My style is probably best described as a kinky girlfriend experience - I like kisses and spankings! Although I very much enjoy vanilla meets with plenty of kissing, sucking, and fucking, my deepest passions lie in the realm of kink where I switch freely, playing as both a Domme and a sub. Please check out the sub and Domme sections above - and of course I'm very happy to combine activities from both sections in get revenge dates. My preference for sex is “rough”, with plenty of scratching, biting, and hair pulling. I am often complimented on my enthusiastic deepthroat and my willingness to swallow. I do yoga and lift heavy things at the gym (current deadlift personal best = 50kg) so I’m flexible and strong - I frequently get fucked in the splits. And as a rampant bisexual, I am more than happy to meet your partner(s) or other service provider(s) of choice. All genders and genital configurations are welcome. My sexuality spans a vast range of roles and dynamics - ultimately, what I crave is variety.
By default you will find me freshly showered and mouthwashed, with subtle make up - red lips and smokey eyes available on demand - and while I might be in casual jeans and tee on top (unless you've requested otherwise), I will undoubtedly have beautiful lingerie and stockings underneath. Our time together will be unhurried and devoted to fulfilling your deepest fantasy, however you choose to greet me - a deep kiss, a fist in my hair, or on your knees. Whether you are a by hours boyfriend, a controlling master, or a devoted submissive, let me be a conduit for your desires. If there's time left at the end of our session, we can finish with a soothing massage, or simply pillow talk and cuddles. 

In general...

  • I own an embarrassing number of toys, including dildos, vibrators, restraints, hitty things, gags, blindfolds, vampire gloves, an anal hook, collars, leads, and just so much more.
  • I deepthroat, I gag, and I love facefucking - the only limit is my gag reflex (unless you want me to throw up, of course).
  • Multi person scenes = yes! In any configuration you can imagine. I love threesomes and group sex and I particularly love human spanking benches.
  • Regarding butt stuff - I enthusiastically wield a strap on, receive rimming, and finger asses (strap on sex is one of my favourite kinds of sex). I am more cautious about insertions into my ass and about giving rimming. These services may be possible if I feel reassured that you are experienced in these activities and if (for giving rimming) your hygiene is impeccable. Please do not book me knowing you will be disappointed if this does not occur. 
  • I take and enjoy wrestling scenes. Loser gets fucked! I have a martial arts background and am always pleased to show you how a real karateka does it. I have a black belt and will wear it if you ask nicely. NB: this is not a prop, it is an achievement that I earned through years of careful study and hard training, so please do treat it with appropriate respect.
  • My limits include watersports, hardsports, sounding, needles, any intoxicants other than alcohol,  and bareback. Oral without is fine, but no naked penises in my vagina. Anyone asking for bareback will not receive a reply.

As a person I am confident, relaxed, and friendly. I’m scientifically minded and am normally reading something nerdy. I spend a lot of time looking after my plants and my pet reptiles, playing board games, teaching myself Italian, and drinking interesting cider in pubs with friends. Also, Netflix.

All services are at my discretion. I will not hesitate to refuse an activity or end a date early in the event of poor hygiene or dubious safety.