Threesomes and group sex make my heart sing. Below are various individuals that I would love to get together with. At the top are my favourites, people I know primarily in a personal capacity and have great chemistry with, followed by a curated selection of providers that I fancy to death and would love to get my hands on.


Eryn Rose

More of a useful object than a proper person, Eryn is a lifestyle slave and long term friend. With her Owner’s blessing she is available for use, either suffering alongside me, tortured by me for your entertainment, or being double Dommed by both of us. Eryn comes and squirts on demand, and is a deeply masochistic toy that is particularly useful for nipple and genital torture.

Duos with Eryn

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Rebekka Raynor

Mistress Rebekka is an incredibly experienced dominatrix and disciplinarian, striking in face, figure, and bearing. I have known her for several years from the fetish scene and have had the privilege of being invited into her personal dungeon for scenes of private debauchery several times. Excuses to visit again are more than welcome, whether I am submitting to the both of you or using you alongside her.

Duos with Rebekka

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Ian Watson

My real life, beloved partner, Ian is tall, strong, naturally Dominant, and just as bi as me. Ian is available for cuckold and forced bi sessions as well as threesomes, moresomes, and kink duos in London. We have an excellent co-top dynamic and love sharing playmates. If you’re interested in voyeuring on a real life D/s couple, we can provide that as well.

Duos with Ian

Maya Boheme

Submissive Indian escort with an insatiable joie de vivre.


Kinky BBW with a stunning face and figure to match.

Adel Jett

Thoroughly Dominant modern hedonist.

Billie Brookes

Chic it girl and the girlfriend of your dreams.


Edgy Italian amour in search of kink and cuddles.


Friendly, relaxed male companion.

Jenni Breene

Submissive, sensual girl next door.

Barbara Lochrain

Tattooed punk and trilingual Dominant.

Amelia Swann

Red haired switch with outrageous proportions.

Phoebe Huxley

Tall and curvy professional girlfriend.

Ylwa Bergman

Hairy nymphomaniac and embodiment of Swedish sin.

Mimi Fawn

Exotic beauty, specialising in sensual domination.

Lilly Lust

Petite artist with a penchant for kink.

Sir Claire Black

Utterly unique Scottish Dominatrix.