Threesomes and group sex make my heart sing. Below are various individuals that I would love to get together with. At the top are my favourites, people I know primarily in a personal capacity and have great chemistry with, followed by a curated selection of providers that I fancy to death and would love to get my hands on.


Eryn Rose

More of a useful object than a proper person, Eryn is a lifestyle slave and long term friend. With her Owner’s blessing she is available for use, either suffering alongside me, tortured by me for your entertainment, or being double Dommed by both of us. Eryn comes and squirts on demand, and is a deeply masochistic toy that is particularly useful for nipple and genital torture.

London & travelling by appointment.

Duos from £400/hour

Duos with Eryn

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Ian Watson

My real life, beloved partner, Ian subs to me - but not to you. Tall, strong, naturally Dominant, and just as bi as me, Ian is available for cuckold and forced bi sessions as well as threesomes, moresomes, and kink duos in London, or elsewhere on request. We have an excellent co-top dynamic and love sharing playmates. If you’re just interested in voyeuring on a real life D/s couple, we can provide that as well.

London & travelling by appointment.

Duos from £300/hour

Duos with Ian

Maya Boheme

It’s always an absolute pleasure to meet a submissive with such an impressive pain tolerance, especially when said submissive is an Indian cutie with an insatiable joie de vivre. Playful, open minded, chatty, and giggly, the whole package combines to make a wonderfully kinky, enthusiastic bedroom companion. Please don’t forget to invite me! London & touring.

Duos from £300/hour

Mimi Fawn

Adorable ebony American Mimi is an exotic beauty who specialises in sensual domination, with occasional forays into switchy submission. Her lithe figure and enchanting demeanour make her an ideal companion, in or outside of the bedroom. An adventurous high achiever in public, a kinky pervert behind closed doors, and deserving of your devotion in either scenario. London based.

Duos from £350/hour

Billie Brookes

It girl Billie is chic, stylish, and with waves of blonde hair that perfectly complement her porcelain skin and big blue eyes. More interested in spontaneity than following the rules, her peachy behind and perky breasts can be tracked down in jazz bars and theatres across the City; meet her and meet the girlfriend of your dreams. Please include me in your pillow talk. London based.

Duos from £400/hour

Erin Paige

Erin is a fellow foodie, and cooks food almost as beautiful as she is. I am enchanted by her culinary knowledge, her erotic passion, and her filthy mind. With her long, naturally blonde hair, soft skin, and full red lips, she has the classic English rose look. Our curvaceous figures pair wonderfully with a bottle of fine wine and a luscious threesome. London based.

Duos from £400/hour

Pure Lily

Lily is a roleplay specialist, with favourites including ageplay and Daddy’s girl scenarios. Petite and slim, she fits the innocent schoolgirl role perfectly and has all the outfits to match. In taboo roleplays, she is a perfect counterpart for me - perhaps we both deserve to go over Daddy’s knee? Or maybe you’d rather we dress up this doll together. London & touring.

Duos from £350/hour

Amelia Swann

Red haired and with outrageous proportions, time with Amelia is pure decadence. I am obsessed with her figure and cannot get the idea of spanking her out of my head - although this spirited switch could well turn the tables on me. Then again, we'd both look good bent over a bed, two generous bottoms together. London based.

Duos from £400/hour

Bunny BBW

Plus size English rose Bunny stands at 5’10” and has incredible hourglass proportions. Her stunning face matches her beautiful personality, and while she excels at providing an intimate, sensual girlfriend experience, you’ll find her quite wickedly kinky as well. Bunny is available for dinner dates, afternoon romps, roleplays, and more. London based.

Duos from £400/hour

More Providers

  • Barbara Lochrain - tattooed, dominant, punk. Educated, trilingual, cultured. The type of girl I had a crush on when I was 16. You as well? London based. Duos from £350/hour.

  • Becci Beyond - don't be fooled by the innocent face, Becci is a kinky sweetheart in the mould of all your high school crushes. Just as fun talking politics as taking a spanking. Brighton based, available in London. Duos from £300/hour.

  • Claude Love - submissive slut, exhibitionist, and group sex lover Claude loves to be used and fucked hard. If you need help filling her holes, I’m more than happy to assist. London based. Duos from £400/hour.

  • Estella Bathory - redheaded, curvy porn star, impressing even me with her deepthroat skills and capacity for kink. You've seen her fuck online, now see it in person. London based. Duos from £350/hour.

  • Freja Valentine - an alternative, athletic pole dancer with hairy pits and short, coloured hair. Plus a creatively sadistic streak. I have a giant crush. London based. Duos from £350/hour.

  • Mallow Pup - voluptuous, switchy, and kinky, Mallow could be my double. Facefucking is a particular mutual interest, and I would love to see her bruised from your hand or from mine. London based. Duos from £300/hour.

  • Oz Bigdownunder - super tall, super fit, and super hung - what more do you want from a male escort? Bisexual masseur, Dom, and all around good time Oz is available for threesome, cuckold, and double Dom bookings with you or me as the sub. Duos from £350/hour.