Can I see you today? Maybe! Email me and ask.

Are you truly independent? Yes, I am. I answer to no one but myself.

Are you actually English? I was born and raised here! I am a quarter Italian though - it's not much but it does mean I have strong opinions on pasta.

What are your vital stats? I’m 24, 5'6" tall, and my measurements are 45-34-48. I typically wear a size 16 dress, 7 shoe, and 36F bra.

Drink? Drugs? On longer dates it can be pleasant to share a glass of wine, but I do not enjoy any form of narcotic on dates.

Do you have an accent? I have a middle class, Southern English accent.

I am black/Asian/etc OR I am 60+ OR I am disabled OR etc etc, will you see me? Of course I will. :) If you are disabled and have any access needs, please just discuss them with me and we can work it out.

Can I see you come? Like many women, my orgasm is capricious. I like orgasms and often come on meets, but I don’t like faking so be aware that my body may not want to play that day.

How many times can I come? My rates are for my time, not your orgasms. Come as many times as you like.

Can I film you? What about pictures? Filming is a no - it makes me feel very inhibited and ruins it for the both of us. A non-explicit picture or two is fine, but I don't allow photographs of sex acts.

Do you tour to [place not listed on my splash page]?  I don't, I'm afraid. I am regularly available in Nottingham, Brighton, Birmingham, and Central London - if you're based anywhere other than that you'll either have to book me for an outcall long enough to justify my travel time/costs or come to see me.

Do you do bareback? I do not. Anyone asking this question will be blocked immediately and without apology - I don't care if you're willing to get a blood test. If you don't get along with regular condoms, I keep a stock of female condoms that we can experiment with instead.