Eryn Rose


Eryn & Joanne

Eryn is an owned slave and is featured here with her Owner’s permission. She has undergone extensive training to reinforce her position as a useful object and human pet, and is available for use by appointment. Suggested uses include:

  • Forced orgasm, orgasm on command, and squirting play: Eryn can come on my command, including squirting orgasms. Counting down, watching her get more flustered, and then making her plead for that final command, is a fun game to play. Or making her come until she can’t stand. Or having her squirt and then spanking her with her face in her own mess.

  • Nipple and genital torture: nipple and genital torture are activities I can struggle with - not so Eryn. Masochistic to her core, the sensitive parts of her anatomy are ideal to play with and torture in as many creative ways as you can come up with.

  • Heavy bondage: Eryn is a rope slut and bondage bunny, which matches well with my shibari skills. Mummification and other forms of inescapable immobility suit her wonderfully. Restrain her and enjoy her.

  • Oral service: Eryn is exceptionally eager to suck. She is especially useful for rough facefucking, including to vomit. Eryn and I can service you together, or we can enjoy her struggling as she switches between you and me. Please note: all oral with Eryn is covered using latex free condoms provided by her. Vaginal penetration is offered at Eryn's discretion.

  • Impact play: a heavy player of the highest degree, Eryn can take a beating like few others, particularly enjoying thuddy sensations such as punching. If you want to see her cry, pick a cane or stingy paddle. I have spent several wonderful afternoons beating her into a floaty, subspaced mess, and would be delighted to share the pleasure.

I provide all my regular services alongside Eryn, including my submissive and Dominatrix services. If there’s something on your mind not listed here, please do ask - it would take far too long to explain all the potential uses for this particular toy. I am more than happy to Dom her while you watch, suffer alongside her, or top her with you.

To reinforce her position as an object, Eryn's head is shaved, but she has a high quality brunette wig that can be worn on request. Many of these images show her in her Owner’s collar; this can be removed, or left on to provide a useful handle for dragging her around.

Meet me and Eryn for £400/hour.

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