Welcome to my website. My name is Joanne Campbell, and I am a bisexual, independent English escort splitting her time between London and Brighton, with occasional forays to the Midlands. I was born and grew up in suburban London, and now speak with a middle class accent that I'm frequently complimented on. I consider myself a confident, relaxed, friendly person - and an unashamed hedonist with a penchant for kink. Affectionate, tactile, and vocal, my sexual appetite is not limited by gender or dynamic; I see men, women, nonbinary individuals, couples, subs, Doms, switches, and those that think vanilla is the sweetest flavour. My services are described in more detail above - they absolutely would not fit on this page. I am a sexual adventurer, a professional fetishist, and a multi talented kinkster.

When I am not professionally engaged, I spend my time in a variety of hobbies. I'm teaching myself Italian, Esperanto, and British Sign Language; I have several pet reptiles and dozens of houseplants; I play boardgames; I do yoga, ballet, and lift weights at the gym; I read popular science; I enjoy theatre, comedy, fine dining, museums of art or science or both. And, of course, I fuck. Endlessly.


Core Values

  • Honesty & genuineness: I only offer services that I truly enjoy and happily engage in even when not compensated. I don't knock years off my age or numbers off my dress size. All my reviews are real. I am genuinely bisexual. I'm not an actor and I've never been good at lying - if I tell you I'm having a good time, I am.

  • Hygiene & safety: as both a professional submissive and a dominatrix, I take the time to educate myself on the activities I engage in to make sure that I have a good grasp of any risks involved and how to manage them. My equipment is clean and well maintained. I don't engage in bareback sex and receive a full STI screening every month. When I meet you, I make sure I am clean, with fresh breath and newly showered. In addition to condoms in several sizes, I keep lubricant, nitrile gloves, and internal condoms to hand so that we can always play safe.

  • Compassion & patience: many of the people who visit me have had unfulfilled fantasies for years or even decades, and are working through layers of shame and fear when they come to me. Although I cannot offer all services (I'm only one person!), I will never laugh at or put you down for telling me what you want. I understand it can be difficult. I aim to create a safe space for you to engage fully with your sexuality - whatever that looks like for you.

  • Professionalism: I will meet you sober and well-rested. I won't hound you for more time and commitment than you're comfortable giving, and will respect any stated boundaries around methods or time of contact. I value discretion and will keep private any details of your identity or life that you choose to divulge to me - should we happen to bump into each other in public, there will be no indication that we have ever met.



Although I don't discriminate by age, gender, race or disability (I am more than happy to accommodate any access needs), there are some things I ask of you. 

Please don't visit me while drunk or after having taken illegal drugs; I don't consume any form of narcotic, and while I enjoy flirting over a glass of wine - you are very welcome to bring a favoured bottle - I'm not a heavy drinker. 

Please make sure that you're clean. If you visit me, there will always be a shower, clean towels, and mouthwash available to you - use them! If I'm visiting you, please make sure that you've showered and cleaned your teeth recently.

Please respect my professionalism and my time. If you need to cancel our appointment, let me know as early as possible, and don't be offended should I require a deposit to secure any further appointments. Include as much relevant information as possible when contacting me, and understand that I cannot engage in idle chit chat between appointments.